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Legacies provides publications and other resources in three areas of interest:

1. Caregiving: home and long-term care, hospice palliative care, family and caregiver grief, spiritual care, managing financial, legal and medical records, and health care.

2. Community Development: helping to build communities that welcome their members with disabilities, home renovations and modifications for people with long-term care needs, learning anything and teaching others, endowment and trust fund development, and personal awareness and protection.

3. Canada 150: our national project to encourage Canadians to record their personal and family life stories, community and organizational histories, and stories collected at conferences in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

The resources are intended to be immediately useful.

Most of our resources are provided in three convenient formats:

1. The complete text of many of our books are always available for free reading online. We provide this service in order to ensure our publications reach the widest possible audience.

2. An eBook PDF version of the text for easy reading on your own computer or other reading devices. 

3. Printed paperback copies shipped to your address.

We use the convenient and secure PayPal payment service, which allows you to purchase our publications by VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, your Bank, or use your convenient PayPal account.

Our Mission is Best Expressed through the Resources We Provide.

Our mission is to create and distribute information that will provide support to patients, their families, their professional and volunteer caregivers, and their communities.

Our publications include books for family and professional caregivers, community and personal development, and recording family histories.

We also provide support through collaboration with groups and organizations in the family caregiver, home and hospice care communities, and through our publications, outreach, research and other efforts:

1. Publications for Individuals and Families: We have distributed over  200,000 copies of our bestselling Caring for Loved Ones at Home and Family Hospice Care through partnerships with over 500 home and hospice care groups across Canada, and with the generous financial sponsorship of a many organizations including substantial support from Saint Elizabeth Health Care Foundation.

2. Publications for Students and Professionals: Many of our publications are available for free online reading by students, professionals and volunteers alike. PRACTICAL Leadership: The 9 practical skills needed by health professionals to thrive in the 21st century provides information on leadership, resolving conflicts, awareness, communication, team skills, supervision, change management, planning and life-long skills development.

3. Publications for Community Groups and Organizations: Our publication Selected Journals on Grieving presents professional and volunteer grief therapists sharing their personal and professional stories about grief and bereavement. Our grief CD Thank You assists hospice and bereavement support groups to provide support to families, raise awareness and attract funding. You can listen to the songs, for free online or purchase a copy of the CD from our ONLINE BOOKSTORE.

4. Presentations, Seminars and Workshops: Under the banner The Gift of Care, we speak on all issues of family caregiving, home and hospice care, and provide keynote addresses and workshops upon request. Under the banner Canada 150, we present speeches and educational events in support of our Canada 150 project to encourage and help Canadians to record their family histories as part of our nation’s 150th anniversary in 2017.

5. Outreach and Advocacy: Our Pain Free Campaign advocates strongly for improved pain and symptom control for people nearing the end of their lives. Our website Results Not Intentions presents information on why some patients receive better care than others and how to improve health care systems so all patients and their families receive equitable care. 

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