Legacies provides publications, public speaking and training in:

  1. BulletFamily Caregiving

  2. BulletHospice Palliative Care

  3. BulletGrief

  4. BulletNavigating Health Care and other Systems

  5. BulletHealthcare Leadership and Staff Development

The resources are intended to be immediately useful.

Our MISSION is to create and distribute information that will provide support to patients, family caregivers, professional and volunteer care providers, and their communities.

Our GOALS are:

  1. 1.Help people with practical information, especially in the healthcare field,

  2. 2.Help people better navigate health care and other systems that provide services.

Most of our resources are provided in three convenient formats:

1. The complete text of many of our books are always available for free reading online. We provide this service in order to ensure our publications reach the widest possible audience.

2. An eBook PDF version of the text for easy reading on your own computer or other reading devices. 

3. Printed paperback copies shipped to your address.

The books are also available through Amazon.


Navigating Healthcare and other Systems

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